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For Mandatory Grant capturing purposes, what is my login details?
I registered as an SDF with FP&M SETA and submitted WSPs for previous years but I am unable to log in. What is the problem?
I am trying to register as an SDF on the Indicium system but it says 'ID already exist'?
I logged on the system and captured information on a few sections but when I went back to continue capturing, the system says 'username or password incorrect'. What must I do?
I want to capture a mandatory grant application but my organization is not in the system?
In terms of Mandatory Grant capturing, why is the excel download for OFO codes is using the occupation drop down and not the OFO codes?
In terms of the 2014/15 Mandatory Grant Application, on the Indicium System, why is the WSP/ATR Excel Spreadsheet not uploading?
Why is career guidance not prioritised in the FP&M SETA?
What is being done to enhance communication between the FP&M SETA and its stakeholders?
Why does youth co-operatives not receive attention within the Forestry sub-sector?
How does the FP&M SETA Discretionary Grant Payment system work?
What is the SETA doing to address the outstanding discretionary grant payments due to stakeholders?
When will the FP&M SETA announce the outcomes of the recent discretionary grant applications?
What is the implementation process of skills development after approval and allocation of mandatory and discretionary grants?
The payment of tranche payments remains a problem for stakeholders. When can we expect an improvement? Do the stakeholders have any form of recourse?
What sector projects are planned?
Are there service providers accredited with FP&M SETA to provide Forestry related courses like charcoal production?
Why does it take so long (more than 6 weeks) to release trade test results?
I would like to equip and train students who have a passion for fashion, textiles and clothing production, however, I am not a registered trainer or facilitator yet. How do I go about registering and how can the FP&M SETA assist me?
Why were the assessor, moderator, and SDF courses postponed and when are the new dates?
We are fully accredited and would like to become involved in learnerships. How should we go about doing this?
My accreditation certificate expires at the end of 2015. Why should I apply for re-accreditation?
We as training providers face a challenge of getting accredited for certain qualifications due to a lack of accredited assessors and moderators for the specific qualifications. Yet it is a requirement. What should we do in this regard?
Can we expect another merging of SETAs in the near future?
In what way can Public Tertiary Institutions assist your sector?
Does the FP&M SETA allocate funding to assist small business to acquire relevant equipment?
When will the OFO codes be finalized?
I have decided to develop a business case to start a local shoe production line at a small scale. How can the FP&M SETA assist me?
What support is offered to industry?



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