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Manufacture of products such as mens, ladies and childrenswear, underwear, sportswear, outerwear and millinery items such as hats and caps.
Manufacture of footwear (from leather or other products)
Cultivation, development and management of forests and the processing of lumber into timber for use in e.g. construction or as components in paper, wood products including sawmilling and furniture.
The manufacture of furniture from wood or other materials such as steel, concrete, cane or plastic. Also include upholstery, and furnishing of ships.
Manufacture of general goods and handbags (including luggage/travel goods, belts and saddlery items) from leather or other products.
Tanning and dressing of leather (processing of a variety of hides and skins).
Manufacture of paper and paperboard (also corrugated); containers of paper and paperboard; and manufacturing of metal containers such as cans and tins.
Printing of newspapers and magazines, books, labels and other related materials. Graphic design, manufacture and display of signs, advertising displays and other graphic media products.
The publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals.
Publishing of books, company brochures, musical books and many other publications and the publishing of recorded media and other publishing activities.
Production of pulp for use in paper mills for the manufacture of a diverse range of papers including paperboard, business paper, tissue paper, and paper used in the printing of books, newspapers and magazines and the recycling of paper.
Manufacture of textile products through various processes, for example, the spinning of yarn from natural or man-made fibres, the weaving/knitting of fabrics from spun yarn, the dyeing and printing of fabrics, the manufacture of textile floor coverings (carpets), the manufacture of flock and felt products and the manufacture of industrial (performance) textiles.
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