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What do our stakeholders say about FPM SETA staff?
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What do our stakeholders say about FPM SETA staff?

Compliments received during the mandatory grant submission process

Dear Xoliswa,

Allow me to take this opportunity to once more thank you for the excellent service you provided to me during the submission of WSP/ ATR 2015. You went out of your way to try and assist in any way possible, I must say that was the job well done. Thanks and stay as sweet as you are, be blessed and keep up the good works.

Nkosana Labase, Technical Training Co-Ordinator & Facilitator, Reatim

Thank you Elmine,

Your emails gave me no rest about the closing date.  I finally did it. Your friendly staff were available to help where we didn't understand.

The system was a bit complicated irrespective of the manual guide, but we overcame the challenges. May the good Lord bless you, you are so dedicated to your work and caring for stakeholders. I’m impressed.

Vuyiswa Saba, Muriels Projects and Trainings

Hi Elmine

I just wanted to write and thank you for the manner in which made yourself and staff available with the last minute rush completing the WSP and ATR’s. I have worked with other SETA’s and your service and communication from your office has been extraordinary.

Your communication and encouragement was well timed and needed. The availability of the staff after hours was truly a sign that you are committed to provide an excellent service to stakeholders. Your website, in comparison with others was a breeze and uncomplicated.

In my role as SDF and Vice Chair at APPETD, congratulations on a job well done! I’m looking forward to getting to know your SETA better in the future.

Linda Ingram, CEO, The Education Scene

Hi Elmine

I want to thank you for working so late to assist us in getting our work through…

I can’t stop to thank you and your team enough as I know what it means to have to work the hours we all have worked the last month.

Karin Keys, SSF

Thank you Pearl – truly impressed by the level of service and dedication to your work :)

Sonwabo Fihla, Merensky Holdings

Dear Bayathandwa,

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, ASSISTANCE AND GUIDANCE…. You have really helped me in a time of need. Thank you Kindly


Thank you Elmine for all your wonderful support.  All my documents are lodged.

Jennifer Losper (Human), SDF & B-BBEE consultant

Hi, Elmine

Thanks for being an excellent support system for us SSA's and Stake holders.

Veena Kisten, SSF

Hi Elmine

Submitted, thank you for all your reminders and help.

Gary Lowe, Colour Display

Thanks for the regular reminders we have submitted ours last week. Thank you.

Nikesh Jayanun , Training Officer, NTE

Dear Pearl and Xoliswa

I have just successfully submitted our ATR/WSP via the online system. Thank you so much for your assistance this morning! Good luck for the busy time ahead until midnight tomorrow. I’ll be dropping by your office in the morning and will see you then.

Jeff Viljoen, Komatiland Forest

Thank you for all the reminders :)

Simone Archer, Member & Skills Development Facilitator, Dynamic Business Development

Dear Elmine,

I have submitted already and I must mention that Pearl has been so helpful.

Emily Taukabong, Step Ahead

Dear Xoliswa,

I hope you are well. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your kind assistance and guidance with the submission. Your patience and understanding means a lot to me.

Charle Els, MPACT

Dear Elmine

I am very happy to advise that all my applications have been submitted. :)

I would just like to mention that the SETA was FANTASTIC in their assistance.  Gloria and Melanie were really helpful and very prompt in their assistance.  Their patience is amazing. It really made the process much easier having them on the other side of the line.

Thank you very much

Carol Hutchinson, Shumani Mills

Thank you for always being helpful. Much appreciated.

Sindiswa Mabija, Beith

Dear Lungile

On behalf of Hirt & Carter and Uniprint I would like to say a “SPECIAL” Thank You to you and your team for your support and prompt response to all our queries.
They have been of Excellent Assistance to both myself and Fatima.

Once again thanks to all.

Jacqui Mahomed, Hirt & Carter

Dear Elmine,

Thanks for your continuous reminder, however through the assistant of Xoliswa Radebe we have uploaded most of our staff. I must say the support we got from you guys was fantastic this year.

Nkosana Labase, Technical Training Co-Ordinator & Facilitator, Reatim

Dear Elmine

Firstly I would like to thank you in arranging Boitumelo to come out and assist me with completing the necessary on the FP&M SETA Website

However without Boitumelo’s help I would have not been able to do what was required.

She is a very helpful, co-operative and patient person.

Boitumelo really went the extra mile to help

We completed two companies forms online within 4 hours starting promptly at 8.00am and ending at 12 midday

Suliman Patel, Sams Tissue Products / Consolidated A One Trade & Invest 11

Thank you Pearl, you are as always a star! I hate last minute submissions.

Rochelle Benade, Skills Development Facilitator, Moulder Skills Development

Hi Pearl

I do understand it is a blue Tuesday, thank you for all your assistance. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Nelitta, F&F Office and Textbook Suppliers

I really appreciated and happy about the service you gave to us

Goodman  Inquhe Holdings

Good morning all,

All my data has been captured. I just need to upload the annexure and submit. 

I must comment that the system is working very well this year.

Tom Ramdin, EE & Training Manager, Bader SA (Pty) Ltd


Thank you very much, I am currently busy with this, thanks to Pearl who is very very helpful.

Vernie Michael, Lebone Litho

Hi Elmine

Thank you so much for your help. I really value so much the quick feedback and response from you. It is much appreciated.

Linda Ingram, CEO, The Education Scene

Hi Elmine

Tx - noted. I have received the approval already so I'm busy uploading. Thanks again for your amazing support

Andriette Du Plessis, Payroll Administrator, Junk Mail Publishing Group

Well done guys. It goes to show that great interventions in this Industry are possible with willing and capable, CAN DO attitudes! 

We have great and exciting times ahead. Let's revolutionize this Industry and draw out the potential that we all know exists within SA.

An excellent effort by all!!

Herman Pillay, CEO, TCI Apparel Group

Dear Elmine

Thank you for your speedy response. Since using Google Chrome, as you suggested, I am managing to work a lot faster.

Sharon Clelland

Dear Elmine,

Thank you.  The service and support we have received from the FP&M Seta has been astounding this year.

Jacky Hay, Little Slipper

Thank you so much for the support, much appreciated.

Phindi Memela, Training Officer, GLODINA (PTY) LTD

Dear Elmine

Thank you for this reminder and also for making this date 2 weeks post-submission.  This SETA just “gets it”!

Di Randall – External SDF

Dear Elmine

Now this is what I call SETA support!  Thank you for always being so available and so helpful.

Di Randall – External SDF

Always appreciate your efforts as FP&M seta


Sandra Smith, ACCOUNTANT, Dawn At The Cottage (Pty) Ltd t/a KAZAK

Thanks guys, very quick and efficient!

Steve de Villiers, Employment Equity Act, Skills Development Act and BEE Specialist

Thank you for the notification. Appreciate your constant communication methods!

Peter Lotz, Cape Waste Paper

Gloria thanks so much for your assistance.  Much appreciated.

Robert Rohner, Rotex

Hi Gloria

I just wanted to thank you for all your help.

Brenda Hoffmeester, Capacity Building Manager, Pepclo

Dear Ladies, 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance that you extended to our office in assistance to complete our WSP's and Discretionary Grant applications whether it was questions and/or system problems. 

It's one thing to give assistance but the willingness and manner in which you did is greatly appreciated.

Lydia Davids, Manager:  Member Services, PRINTING SA - Cape Chamber

Dear Felleng,

Hope this e-mail finds you well. I know we remain extremely hectic and challenged.

Thank you for the biscuits while at your offices yesterday. Very  much appreciated.  The sugar intake helped.

Secondly, allow me to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Xoliswa Radebe. She’s always ready and willing to go an extra mile,  very efficient, making our WSP/ATR submission pleasant. Thank you.

Syriana Maesela, Group People Development Manager, Nampak Management Services

Good day to you

Thank you for the assistance with the errors projected from your system. It was most certainly appreciated and noticed.

Raymond Ward, National Training Coordinator, Bravo Group Sleep Products – A Division of Bravo Group Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd

Dear Judy

I must thank you for being so incredibly helpful and efficient! I have worked with many SETA’s but have yet to have dealt with someone so efficient!

Thank you for being so willing to assist me.  

Fatima van Toorn, Human Resources Consultant for Prisma Packaging

Dear Judy

Thank you for all your help with this year’s mandatory submission for Prisma Packaging! You have by far been the most helpful SETA appointed person I have ever worked with!! Wish we could have more of you at all the other SETA’s!

Fatima van Toorn, Human Resources Consultant for Prisma Packaging

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and encourage the wow experience I have seen at FP&M SETA Pinetown Office. Thank you all for a good customer service acknowledging the customer, patience from all staff, friendliness - keep it up.

Here are some of the things I have seen from all staff from cleaners to management.

L E A P (Listening on what the customer need; Empathy; Attitude was positive and excellent; Put it right at the same time on solving our problems we have).

Once again thank you, God bless you, wish other departments and institutions may take that kind of service

Goodman Sbonakaliso Madondo, Director, Inquhe Holdings Group Pty Ltd

Hi Pearl

This serves to inform you that I  managed to submit , I hope everything is in accordance with the requirements of submission.

Thank you so much for being so helpful and I wish you a very good long weekend. You have been overworking yourself, take a leave.

Elizabeth Botsane, Reboni Furniture Manufacturers



Vernie Michael, Lebone Litho

Hi Pearl,

Greetings to you Pearl my child. Thank you so much for your assistance. I really am so grateful for what you did for me. I feel so much relieved. I will struggle along the right direction.



Dear Pearl

Once again our sincere thanks for all the help you provided to us.  Much appreciated!1 You are to be commended for your courteous efficient service. 

Eric Cowling, General Manager, Impumelelo Print Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Thank you so much for the quick response and assistance in this regard.

Annemie Burger, HR Manager, Penquin (Pty) Ltd

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